More Grit (and Resilience), Please

A few posts back, I shared information and resources about grit and resilience. Here is another gem that my fabulous colleague Emily shared that was crafted with a student audience in mind. Happy viewing!

Social Emotional Learning and the Common Core State Standards

A few posts back, I shared resources (here and here) about promoting an environment of compassion in the classroom. On this day of candied hearts and (realized or unrequited) love, Dr. Vicki Zakrzewski of Greater Good Science Center contributed to Huffington Post’s blog about the Common Core State Standards and social-emotional learning, or SEL with […]

Marching to the Beat of One’s Own Drum

I couldn’t help but watch this video a few times wearing my “teacher lens.” As I listened to Mr. Zimmer, I was awed not only by his path to musicianship, but also by his resilience. Angela Lee Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania asserts that even though different people define “resilience” differently, all of the […]

The Teacher as a “Warm Demander”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner Take an indulgent moment and stroll down memory lane. Were you lucky enough to have won the teacher lottery at least once? Twice? Never? What does one win in a teacher lottery you ask? Simply put, acquiring a winning ticket in the teacher lottery means being enrolled in a class led […]

Getting to Know You…Getting to Know All about You…

A FREE downloadable K-12 resource is available in this post…read on! The beginning of any school year engenders a full range of emotions for teachers as well for our students. The anticipation that leads to the first day, the uncertainties of new procedures and expectations, and the promise of fresh starts can stir up emotional […]