“Thanks again for a very productive day…The presentation was very closely aligned to our district unified improvement plan and the principals provided feedback that it provided a good foundation for developing some ELL initiatives/expectations.”

Director, Englewood, CO

“That training (and specifically, the trainer) was quite possibly the best one I have been to in the last 6-8 years, easily. It was very engaging and informative! Thank you!”

Teacher, La Mesa, CA

“Thank you so much for 2 great days of professional development for our teachers…Teachers were very receptive to the information and engaged in the learning process. Many of them thanked me for the opportunity, and we had a lot of positive feedback – both oral and written.”

Director, Evansville, IN

“A huge thanks to you! So many people have stopped by to talk about AVT and all give you rave reviews.”

Consultant, Cengage Learning

“One of my teachers described your presentation as “thorough and easy to understand.” Then she confirmed that you were a fabulous trainer.”

Principal, Elk Grove, CA

“We truly enjoyed our two days of professional learning with you – everyone from students to teachers to language arts specialists had a positive experience.”

Curriculum Coach, Lawndale, CA