A teacher educator with 30 years of teaching, coaching, and consulting experience in advancing effective, high-quality instruction for students


Jennifer Finney-Ellison is a teacher educator with 30 years of experience in supporting the needs of English learners students.


Professional Development

Training for K-12 educators and leaders in research-based instructional principles and evidence-based routines to support English learner lesson engagement and advanced English language gains to promote academic interaction, comprehension and literacy skills

Program Training

Professional development-embedded training on the supplemental academic vocabulary program, Academic Vocabulary Toolkit, for grades 3-12, by National Geographic Learning. Training guides teachers in implementing critical instructional routines to promote accurate language development that supports students in accessing the rigorous demands of the CCSS.


Consultation and ongoing support to implement and sustain district-level academic language/English learner programs ranging from K-12 program structure and accountability, observations to identify and establish instructional trends and needs, to curriculum training and implementation

Technical Coaching

Guidance and explicit coaching for classroom practitioners to effectively and efficaciously implement evidence-based routines that that support lesson engagement, increased academic interaction, and language development

AVT and English 3D Lesson Demonstration

Support for districts that have implemented Dr. Kate Kinsella's Academic Vocabulary Toolkit and/or English 3D programs via classroom lesson demonstrations, classroom observations, and lesson debriefing facilitation

Capacity Building

Support for administrators and instructional support personnel on observation protocols to monitor, inform, and sustain program implementation