“Math is hard, but you can do it. It’s not magic…”

Uhhhhh…I’m not really good at math.
Do you “speak” math? As a student in school, I thought that I didn’t, and that I was just a “really good reader,” and that I “wasn’t as good” in math. I later realized that (bless their hearts) some of my teachers did more assigning than teaching during math, and that may have contributed to my average performance. By the beginning of middle school, I decided that math was a language in which I needed to only be a casual apprentice, and that passing algebra, geometry and trigonometry (with lots of late night cramming) with satisfactory grades was good enough to get me into college.

Fast forward to my preservice teaching program…
To this day, I am grateful for my math methodology courses, because I learned to like math and realized that becoming proficient required perseverance and solid instruction. I learned, as Ms. Mora states in the video, “Math is hard, but you can do it.”

Watch this Upworthy clip. You may even want to share it with your students!

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  1. EXACTLY-now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!
    Love, Love, Love this video- thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Jen,

    This blog is a wonderful resource for both teachers and parents alike. Love the video! My teens thought it was great….and both plan to share the site/video with their math teachers!

    Thank you.


    • Thank you, Lori! This video is relatable on so many levels for so many audiences–had to share!

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