A No-Tech/Low-Tech Integration of UDL–“Fantastic!”

As the CCSS has been crafted with principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to support inclusive access for all students with identified learning needs and/or disabilities, English Learners, linguistic minority students, as well as students from fragile families, many educators respond with concern that without technological resources, they feel challenged to design instruction to meet the diverse needs of their students. While technology can provide expanded access, there are many “no-tech and low-tech” options that many teachers utilize that are also UDL-considerate.
Take a moment to view the video below of Ms. Kungu as she supports her pre-kindergarten students in developing math literacy via math workshop. Her objective is for students to learn about counting and ordering numbers in multiple ways; and she is addressing the Math CCSS Kindergarten Standard on Counting and Cardinality (Math.K.CC.4b).

No doubt, you incorporate some of these elements and others into your instruction. Care to share your “fantastic”? Please post below!

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